Kind words about my work

“Monica and I worked together on content strategy at Sprout, where she shined as one of our top copywriters. Monica consistently went above and beyond to understand new industries, unique voice, and specific client requirements.”

- Jennifer Lux, VP of Client Experience, LyntonWeb

“Monica is a fantastic partner for us at PS Design. Her ability to understand and write to a projects parameters are something we really value. When we work together, Monica collaborates and communicates well and never misses a beat when it comes to deadlines.”

-Diana Merkel, Owner, P.S. Design

“Monica is an exceptional content writer. She holds her work to the highest standards, and it shows every time. Monica has the ability to write creative consumer-focused content, but can also dive into much more complicated, complex topics and deliver easy-to-understand content that resonates with the intended audience. She is a content star.”

- Debbie Williams, Director of Digital Marketing, Gorilla Group

“Monica was part of small group of writers hired to help FSW become a leading educational resource in the foodservice industry, and she quickly distinguished herself. A great deal of pressure was put Monica and her colleagues to consistently deliver original, high-quality content at a rapid pace, a challenge she handled like a pro. Her composed, pragmatic and straightforward approach made her a model for the entire team. I could always depend on her to deliver whatever was expected and often times more. 

Monica's adaptability was evident in her adept handling of general web content, SEO-optimized landing page content, white papers, and long-form chef bios and restaurant profiles. Each challenge was met head on with grace and skill. Monica's writing is crisp, clear, efficient and edifying. She pushed the limits and elevated the quality of the entire team in doing so. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Monica and watch her grow. I would not hesitate to work with her again, if the circumstances allowed it.”

- Steve Kurtz, Head of Product at FitPay

“I always enjoy working on editorial opportunities with Monica. She's enthusiastic and professional, and always such a thorough communicator throughout the entire process. My clients are always thrilled at the depth in which which she researches and crafts her articles - and the high quality of the final product!”

- Jordan Blakesley, Principal Partner at B Public Relations

It was an absolute pleasure working with Monica. She is as friendly as she is talented. I hired her to contribute content to my website, and with very (very) little guidance she was able to deliver an incredible story. Cannot recommend her enough!

- Allison Gellner, Graphic Designer at Rook Creative Co.

Having worked with Monica to build out a native advertising program at a business-focused tech magazine, I found her to be an incredibly valuable partner in the process. She was thoughtful, meticulous, and self-sufficient as she worked with advertising clients to craft compelling articles that met both the clients' goals and the readers' interests. I would simply set up the connection and parameters (due dates, word count, etc.) and she'd make it happen on time and at top quality.

I highly recommend working with Monica, regardless of your writing and editing needs, because I know she is up to the challenge

- Dylan Rodgers, Digital Demand Generation Manager at Webroot